Improve the way you apply texture using the better alternative to hopper guns or can spray texture from EZ-PRO Texture in Corona, CA.


 Now With a New and Improved "ODORLESS" Formula.


Setup OR Cleanup

60 PSI for Orange Peel, 30 PSI for Knockdown





Eliminate extensive clean-up process. Texturing a small project is no longer the dreaded chore that it has been.


Streamline the way you texture small remodels and repairs with the texture sprayer from EZ-PRO Texture. This time saving device is perfect for a few square feet up to a few hundred square feet. Designed to replace other texturing methods for the small job, this system offers an easy and consistent way to apply orange peel texture and knockdown to small jobs, without the expense and hassle of canned texture, or the extensive mixing and cleanup of hopper style guns. Great for small projects, our texture sprayer is what you've been looking for to make your patch and repair jobs EZ.

The problems involved in texturing a small project have been the same for a long time. The long arduous process of mixing and thinning drywall compound and using a hopper style gun have been the primary option for the professional for some time. The use of canned texture for the home owner has had its limitations. Everything on the market has had some type of limitation or problem. As contractors, and the developers of this product, we have sincerely tried to address these limitations and provide a product that produces excellent texture every time with consistency and ease. These products eliminate the need to mix texture or clean hoppers, buckets and mixing blades. A few seconds to attach a bag and your ready to texture. The clean-up time also takes just seconds. 

Spray up to a full sheet of drywall (and more) with a single 20 ounce bag of texture.  

Gun - Texture Spray

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Benefits and Uses:

• Spray Texture Paint
• Orange Peel
• Drywall Mud
• Knock Down
• Pneumatic Texture Gun
• Canvas Spray Texture
• Disposable Bag
• Use Less than an Ounce of Water
• Can Recap Bag
• Reusable


Box - Texture Spray

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Why You Need This Texture Spray System:

• Saves Time & Reduces Mess
• Texture Already Pre-Mixed in a Bag
• Eliminates Time-Consuming Mixing
• The Texture Pattern is Excellent
• Remaining Drywall Texture Can Be Used Later
• Application Is Done in Seconds
• Cleanup Takes J
ust Seconds

 Where to find EZ Pro Texture retail:
  Sherwin Williams: The first to extensively roll out with our product. They have                 stocking locations in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada,               Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisanna. Arkansas, Mississippi.

  Kelly Moore: Currently rolling out in the majority of California and Texas locations.  

  Frazee: California, Arizona, Nevada.

  Ganahl Lumber: All Southern California locations.

  Rodda Paint: Currently rolling out in Pacific Northwest locations.

  Guiry's Paint: Colorado

  *Check your local retailer if they are on this list to inquire about the closest stocking         location. If it's not a product they carry, LET THEM KNOW IF YOU THINK IT'S               SOMETHING THEY SHOULD. We would be happy to accommodate them.   





Bag - Texture Spray

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60 PSI for Orange Peel, 30 PSI for Knockdown

PATENT NO.: 8,840,038 B2


We Didn't Invent Drywall Texture,

We Just Made it EZ!!!

Now With a New and Improved "ODORLESS" Formula.







Ready Mix Texture 10/CASE

Single Bag